The diaspora continues to be an important part of our city and, more, of our community. Former inhabitants of Cluj-Napoca or the alumni of our universities have all kept, one way or another, a strong connection with the city. We believe this connection deserves to be considered and valued as an important source of knowledge and development. Cluj-Napoca aims to be the first of romanian cities to reconnect with the diaspora and to welcome them back home. Redefining the relationship between the diaspora and the city, the understanding of the social and economic factors that led to its formation, and especially what the community can do to influence their return are our priorities for the coming years. These measures have materialized in the design of an ongoing research project that gives us an overview of the factors that have led to the creation of the diaspora. The results of this research will influence the design of a context in which the Cluj diaspora can not only return to the city, but participate significantly in its development.