New in Cluj, away from you Cluj home, working or studying in the city, or from Cluj but living in Europe, America or elsewhere in the world? You might be interested in keeping in touch with those with whom you have things in common: speak the same language, coming from the same city or the same country, you have the same concerns. InClujiune aims to become a place where you can get in touch with people and learn things that can ease your integration into the new place you call home.


Annually, around 20000 young people become first year students at one of the Universities in Cluj, many of them becoming inhabitants of a new city.
We want Cluj to become “home” for them, that place where everyone is welcomed and integrated.


Cluj remains “home” for a considerable number of people who have become, over time, part of the diaspora. Their relationship with their city and the opportunities to reconnect with the community deserve to be reconsidered and valued.


The number of expat groups in Cluj has been steadily rising in the recent years. We believe their involvement in the city life and their connection with other communities can be a valuable source of knowledge, cultural exchange and development.